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My little corner of paradise – The Colibița Lake

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When I was a child, there were the weekly summer trips to the Colibița Lake. After setting up the tent, there were the traditional walks we took to rediscover the nearby peaks. And later in the evening, when we got back at the camping site, there was a well-deserved swim in the lake. Grilled food and a lot of laughter were part of the day. In winter we used to ski in the area. That was then. Today I am excited about doing this trip once a year. But the Colibița Lake and its surroundings remain my little corner of paradise.

Colibița Lake
Colibița Lake
Colibița, Romania

Why I fell in love with this place

I love diversity. And I never could decide which one I love most: hiking or swimming. This place combines them in such a perfect way. The Colibița Lake, located at 900 meters altitude, is at a corner of nature with both the wild mountain and the mysterious water. The man-made lake is surrounded by the Călimani Mountains and the view is amazing. On the shore, there is a large spectrum of accommodation possibilities: from guesthouses to camping places.

I also find the local legends appealing. The lake was built where a small village used to be. The few locals (some stories say there were only 14) refused to move. This is why they say you can still see the houses and the cross of the church when the water level drops to low. Another legend says there are monster fish in the lake, and this is because the locals were forced to move and nature takes its revenge.

How to get here

The easiest way to get here is surely by car. There is no public transportation available. But for those of you who are braver, there is another challenge to accept. You can take the train from Bistrița to Bistrița Bârgăului. Then there are two possibilities: just follow the main road (about 3 hours of walking) or go up through the woods. From Bistrița Bârgăului there is a forest way for hiking which you can’t miss as it follows the ancient Roman Road. On the way, you will encounter a spectacular landscape.

I have a collection of magnets at home. And from Colibița I have a dozen of them

It’s hard to get bored

Hiking in the wild forests is the first activity that comes to mind. Nature, wildlife observation and photography are the next ones. You can also rent boats and kayaks or even practice windsurfing. Be careful, there are no live guards in the area. You can take your bike with you and take a tour around the lake. With some imagination, the possibilities are infinite in this my little corner of paradise - the Colibița Lake.

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The author

Eva Poteaca

Eva Poteaca

Hello, I am Eva from Bistrița, Romania. I studied art history and love to travel and discover hidden gems all over the world. Through my writing, I will share with you a different side of Romania.

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