National Park Prokletije

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In the northeast of Montenegro, impressive mountains Prokletije rise above broad valleys, long narrow canyons and beautiful lakes. As impressive as they are, Prokletije are considered to be dangerous and wild mountains, many years ‘’forbidden’’ and pretty much undiscovered. Summiting its peaks is not recommended to, in terms of mountaineering unexperienced people. However, with its incredible environment, rich flora and fauna Prokletije have a great tourist potential. That is why Prokletije with its surrounding is very attractive and nowadays popular destination. This is the youngest of five national parks in Montenegro.

Prokletije Mountains are situated along the border of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. In Montenegro, the highest peak is Zla Kolata (2534) and it is at the same time the highest peak of the whole country.

Surroundings of Prokletije

Prokletije are part of two municipalities Plav and Gusinje. Both of them have a great natural potential. One of the main attraction in this region is Lake Plav, the biggest glacial lake in the Balkans. From Lake Plav springs the beautiful Lim River – a significant river which is the main tributary to Drina River.

Beside Plav Lake, there is lake Hridsko, nestled in the heart of coniferous forest in the silence of Prokletije. It is said that swimming in Hridsko Lake brings beauty and health to women, so many call it the lake of happiness. Peaks Mali Hrid (Small Hrid) and Veliki Hrid (Great Hrid) are reflecting in the clear waters of the lake as well as Hridski Krš after which the lake got its name.

Hiking in Prokletije

Below all the peaks there are two broad valleys - Grebaja and Rapojana. Grebaja is a popular destination and starting point for almost every marked trail. There are accommodation facilities here and a mountain hut ‘’Karanfili’’, just under the most attractive peaks. Rapojana is another beautiful valley from where it is also possible to reach some of the peaks.

Summiting the peaks of Prokletije is a challenging adventure. Zla Kolata (Evil Kolata), Očnjak(Canine Tooth) and Karanfili (Carnations) are some of the most attractive, yet the most difficult peaks to summit. Views and panoramas that you can enjoy once you reach the highest points of Prokletije are just marvelous.

A little bit easier is to summit are Volusnica (1879), Talijanka (2056) and Popadija (2057) peaks. Still, it is not advisable to wonder around Prokletije without local and experienced guides.

Attractive region around the Prokletije Mountains is a perfect place to spend your summer at, enjoy in nature and examine your strength and hiking skills while trying to summit some of the peaks you find the most suitable according to your experience.

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