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National parks in Croatia: Mljet

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Blue and green are perfect fit - we all should agree. Once I was discussing that color combination with my friends. Well, Mljet Island is the place where those two colors get their genuine meaning. Blue is really blue in all its shades and green is so elegant transition between sky-blue and sea-blue. Impeccable sunset or perfect sunrise. Or, splendid view from the top of the hill to Adriatic Sea, island Mljet and other islands in this part of Croatia. This is all Mljet island and its pure beauty.

Located in the southern part of Dalmatia, island Mljet is one of the biggest in the Adriatic Sea. It’s part of Dubrovnik or South Dalmatia group of islands. 1/3 of the island’s surface is part of the Mljet National park. Since 1960’s this nature park has become official national park of Yugoslavia, later Croatia. Some other Croatian islands are famous for its beaches, parties, festivals and food. Mljet is different. Close to vibrant Split and always busy Dubrovnik Mljet is place of peace. This blue-green islands has many little “satellite” islands, many bays and beaches. Also two lakes are part of the island’s relief. Mljet National park is full of life. Just like other Croatian islands. What makes this islands special is so diverse flora and fauna and archaeological sites. More than 70% of the surface is covered with forest and most of trees are pines – Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis).

Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, French, Austrians and Slavic people (in the end) left their traces all along the island. Island of St. Marry is very interesting as a witness of the history and as monastery-island inside of the Big lake (Veliko jezero).

St. Marry Island
St. Marry Island

Fun facts: Name Mljet is actually Slavic variation of the Greek Melita which means honey. There is only one hotel on the island. Each year on the Mljet island triathlon competition is organized.

Additional info: Entrance fees and additional information about visit and guided torus you can find on the official webpage of the national park Mljet. Island is easily approachable by boat, catamarans or ferries from Dubrovnik, Split and peninsula Pelješac.

[Sunset on Mljet]

[Big Lake and Adriatic sea with St. Marry island in the middle]

Mljet Island
Mljet Island

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