Natural Spots in Tenerife Part 2

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In part 1 of this short series I talked about Teide National Park with the tallest mountain in the Spanish territories, as well as a beautiful viewpoint and the Mars-like red plain called Ucanca. But Tenerife has so much natureal beauty to offer, there is still a lot more to come. In this article I want to show you giant rock formations, a developing bio-diversity site and a brilliant swimming spot! Part one was about the popular attractions in Tenerife, but I think these ones to follow are a bit less known, but equally stunning!

Los Gigantes - Towering rocks and clear waters

Surrounded on three sides by tall cliffs, the Los Gigantes swimming spot is a great place to get away from the beach crowds and the sand and see more of this strange but beautiful volcanic, rocky island off the coast of Africa. Here you can find a beautiful little black sand beach called Playa Los Guios which can be fairly busy during peak times but outside mid-summer, is usually quieter than the beaches on the southern coast. There is also a really fun little rock formation that makes a sea-water pool called Crab Island. If swimming in the open sea next to the coast is not your thing (and it's not for lots of people), then this little pool is the perfect antidote. The water in Tenerife is not the warmest in the world, but generally feels a bit better than the UK for sure!

Anaga - UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The ravines, cliffs and plains of the Anaga mountainous area are absolutely deserving of their Biosphere Reserve status. The animals, plants and wilderness are just on the right side of cultivated, maintaining the appearance of wilderness but still being managed enough to thrive fantastically! The area is scattered with little agricultural villages, many of which have stood for centuries, weathering the tough winds and the changing times of tourism and visitors. This is probably also the best area for walking and hiking on the island. With much more greenery due to the mountain rains which are mostly vacant in other parts of Tenerife, it's cooler and also much more lush and pretty. It does also feel good to be surrounded by a bit of greenery, because sometimes Tenerife can feel a bit dry and dusty!

Reserva Ambiental de San Blas

This fairly hidden and not well-known natural reserve is beautiful and features tours that are really all about the history and natural setting of the entire island. There is information about the people who live and have lived here over the past millennia, as well as plenty about the unique volcanic environment and the effect that has on the animals and plants here. You can do a walking tour around the reserve with a headset that comments on all the different things you can see, and it's really helpful to be able to use and see specific examples to show interesting points and ideas.

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Joe Thorpe

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