Natural treasure of Herzegovina - Sutjeska National Park

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It is hard to measure the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but Sutjeska National Park certainly offers the best of the best. Its mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and thriving wildlife are among the most magnificent in Europe. If you are dreaming of getting lost like Robin Hood in fairytale forests and lands of unspoiled and wild beauty, this place you must visit.

Spread on 17,500 hectares of magnificent and untouched wilderness, Sutjeska is the oldest national park in the country. It hosts one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe, called Perućica. Beech trees tower over 60 metres high and endemic black pines stem from the rocky faces that protect the ancient forest. Another important feature of the Sutjeska National Park is the Skakavac waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in the country, that is formed on the Perućica River.

The most valuable treasure of this park are eight glacial lakes, also known as “mountain eyes” of Zelengora. Scattered all around the mountain, these Zelengora Lakes are a genuine paradise for all nature lovers. Bears, wild cats, foxes, wild goats, boars, wolfs, marten are some of the mammalians inhabiting the Sutjeska National Park. Over 300 species of birds including the rock partridge, peregrine falcon, and blackbird, reside in the park habitat.

The country’s highest peak of Maglić (2,386 meters) is part of this park, directly on the border with Montenegro. It presents a challenging climb for even experienced hikers. Zelengora Mountain is great for hiking and walking and there are several newly renovated mountain huts. There are campgrounds, mountain lodges, guided hiking, climbing, tour skiing and fishing activities. And when you are already there, another place worth exploring is Trnovačko Lake, just across the border with Montenegro.

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Ljiljana Krejic

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