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Nature Park Medvednica

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From the Zagreb city straight (up) to the top of the mountain. That can be the best introduction for next few paragraphs. Also, we could’ve start with – from the top of the Sljeme straight (down) on skies to Zagreb. Medvednica Nature Park (not national park but also well-protected place) is located on the Medvednica, mountain located in Croatia, very close to city of Zagreb with its peak Sljeme on 1033m.

Snow, winter and skiing

Since middle 1960’s until 2007, visiting Medvednica it was possible using cable car – now that cable car is out of function but there’s a plan to build a new one and another challenge for all hiking fans. Mountain Medvednica is nice and not so big mountain so hiking wouldn’t be so exhausting even for beginners. Hiking trails are available online and in any time of year one can see and join groups of hikers. Winter is special time. Covered with snow, Medvednica is a host for ski championship in slalom for both women and men competitors. Name of the competition is Snow Queen Trophy and it’s organized since 2005. If you want to see best slalom skiers plan next January because this competition is held every year in the first days of January. Event is very good organized and transportation from Zagreb runs regularly. Little recommendation: visit advent in Zagreb and stay one more week and feel real winter and this amazing snow competition. Many mountain huts will be great option to spend a night in it and breathe in fresh mountain air in the morning. Amazing view from Sljeme to Zagreb is guaranteed.


Being there since 13th century and watching the city Medvedgrad (literally - bear city) is a must-see location on the Medvednica. This fortification is like open history book – many historical layers are here and this fort and castle were constructed in 13th century but also rebuilt and changed in 15th and 20th century. All the rulers of Croatia once held this castle and left its traces on it - nowadays some artifacts are exposed in Croatian museums. Besides historical and mythical stories what is true is that this castle is amazing position to see Zagreb during the day and night.

Medvednica, 49240, Sljeme, Croatia
Mikulici gornji 14, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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