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Nerja – the Andalusian coastal village you dreamt about part I

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Nerja, about a 45-minute drive to the east of the city of Málaga, is a small yet very lively village and one of the biggest treasures of southern Andalucía. Nerja occupies a very special place in the Spanish imagination as it was the filming place of a famous Spanish TV-Show, called “Verano Azul”. Its cliff packed coast-line, its charming streets and white houses, full of authentic Andalusian charm, have made their way into shaping what foreigners and locals alike call the “Spanish quintessential”.

You might be wondering what makes a 20,000 inhabitant town so worth-seeing. Well, consider first that the weather in Nerja is summer-like all-year-long. Looking for some sunny, Mediterranean-relaxation with mild temperatures in November, or in February? Then Nerja is a place you should definitely consider. Also, remember that a third of its population consists solely on foreigners! There must be a reason as to why it has become such an idyllic paradise for many across Europe. Could it be the charm of its streets and houses? Its healthy, varied and fresh gastronomy? Let’s take a look now at some of the main wonders Nerja has to offer.

The European Balcony (El balcón de Europa)

The European Balcony is the name given to a beautiful mirador situated in one of the most charming parts of town, not even a 5-minute walk away from the main square. It’s a circular brick-made structure which hangs 50 metres above sea level, on top of a cliff. The mirador dominates the whole coastline, giving us a wonderful chance of marveling at the splendor of the Mediterranean Sea and the might of the cliffs and sandy shore, while breathing the pure air of the sea amid a boulevard of palm trees, feeling the marine winds. You cannot go to Nerja without taking part in such an experience.

European Balcony
European Balcony
Plaza Balcón de Europa, 2, 29780 Nerja, Málaga, Spain

The Nerja Caves

The Nerja Caves are so wonderful and amazing I have decided to dedicate a whole article just on them. If you’re interested in visiting the area, make sure you check the article out. The Nerja caves are a several-million-years-old natural formation, a huge underground architectural and sculptural wonder carved by the sole force of water, gravity, and a long, long time. There’s even rock paintings in its interior, as the cave used to be inhabited by prehistoric men. Because of the magnificent acoustics of the cave, as well as its natural beauty, prestigious ballets and concerts are occasionally organized inside.

You can reach the caves by car, by bus, taxi or in the “trenecito” (the tourist car-train).

Nerja Caves
Nerja Caves

Its Beaches and Creeks

How could I not mention the supreme pleasure of enjoying the sensation of the warm, soft sand and the sea on your skin, amidst the company of your dearest ones? Nerja has plenty of beaches to relax, sunbathe, play around and to promenade in. You might also want to consider some more private creeks and beaches a little further away from the area, accessible by car or bike, where you could spend a peaceful day.

There is also a naturalist beach, not far from Nerja:

Cantarrijan Beach
Cantarrijan Beach

Make sure to check out Part II of this article in order to discover more about Nerja and its wonders!

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