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Nerja – The coastal andalusian village you dreamt about part III

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Nerja is an idyllic town of 20,000 inhabitants located in the southern Spanish coast, not far from the famous city of Málaga. Its wonderful cliffy coast, the beauty of it streets and the otherworldly caves located next to it have made of Nerja a world-famous place that has attracted tourists from all over to visit. In fact, a large proportion of its population is not even Spanish, but foreign. Nerja has nonetheless kept its authenticity and its natural flair with little or no consequences.

If you haven’t read our part I and II articles to Nerja, make sure you check them out to know a lot more about its wonders and how you could enjoy your time here to the fullest. In this part III we will focus primarily on second or third-day-in-Nerja activities, such as a little trekking excursion along the Chillar River, and more about the centre of the city.

Nerja's Centre

Nerja Centre
Nerja Centre

Nerja can be considered the idiosyncratic southern-Spanish village, filled with its charming white houses with brick rooftops. Walking around Nerja’s centre you’ll be struck to notice the long traditions of its architecture. You may also want to visit the Main Square and the Town Hall, not far from Europe’s Balcony, the wonderful Mirador. The El Salvador Church, also in the area, is another of the main attractions of Nerja. I can also assure you you will find some great restaurants to enjoy a great meal around, don’t miss the chance!

El Molino Nerja
El Molino Nerja
San José, 4, 29780 Nerja, Spain

The Chillar River Excursion

If you’re planning on spending a few days in the area, and if you’re the sporty kind, make sure you inform yourself about the Chiller River Route, also known as the “Cahorros” Route. I’m quite a walker myself, I’ll soon be writing articles about the “Camino de Santiago”, the pilgrimage route. But the Chillar River Route is not too difficult and should not mean too much of an effort as a one day thing. You will walk while surrounded by water, trees and beautiful local flowers, below the singing of the birds. It’s a very enjoyable experience!

Here are some important facts you should know about the Chillar Route:

· Distance: the complete route is 16km long (8km to go and 8km back). But you could also just do 10km in total (5km and 5km back) and you would see the best of it, in case you’re tired, you have the easy option available, without missing the wonders of the route! This option is far better if you’re travelling with your kids. I did the route with my little nephews myself, and they enjoyed it loads (the short version of course), so don’t worry for them, it’s not too hard as a route.

· Go slowly: Most of the way you’ll be walking inside the river basin, which has a rocky bottom. I’ve been there, trust me, if you try to go fast, you’ll probably end up falling, and it’ll hurt!

· Get up early: If you get to the route too late you might have to share the experience with a lot more people, depending on the season. You should also avoid getting back to Nerja when it’s nighttime.

All and all the route is quite amazing and a very recommendable experience if you also want to get to experience Spanish nature and its landscape up close. Nerja has many wonders to offer, but you shouldn’t neglect the route if you’re staying here for a few days. If you’re not, give your priority to the caves, they’re absolutely breathtaking!

The route along the Chillar River
The route along the Chillar River
Rio Chillar, 29780 Nerja, Málaga, Spain

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