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The New Forest is an area in Southern England spread across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. Some of the greenest and largest areas of natural beauty in the UK can be found here, as well as an abundance of animal and tree life.

Preservation of life

Due to the unusually low lying geology of this area, many species can be found here that are either rare or non-existent in other areas. There are many species of plants, trees, reptiles and mammals like the Red Squirrel that cannot be found in many other places. It's a beautiful place to explore on bike, and the video below shows a typical New Forest area in late winter

Wild Ponies everywhere!

The New Forest is effectively a massive nature park, but there are villages and small towns dotted throughout the area, as well as the roads that connect them. That means that when driving through the open plains, it's quite common to see wild ponies crossing the road, and in this area, they actually have right of way! These ponies are not completely wild, and although they spend most of the year roaming free in the forests and plains, many are owned by people. Also, they are all taken care of by vets and special 'agisters' to ensure their health and safety. With more than 3000 ponies wandering here, you are sure to spot a few over your time here.

There is a huge water park for the more active and adventurous to visit, and there is also some beautiful little towns and villages that have not changed much for hundreds of years - Lyndhurst and Beaulieu are my two favourite. New Milton is a town even further south on the coast, with a great beach. Although it's not easy to pick the right day, when it's sunny it can be a beautiful spot.

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Joe Thorpe

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