New Year's Resolution Travel Part 1

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The majority of the articles you can find on this site are places we (the writers) have been to, but with the new year coming, I wanted to share some of the places that I'm excited to visit in Spain in the coming year! These are the top six places I'm looking forward to visiting this year (in two parts), with a bit of info about what I'm excited to see!

No.6 - Segovia

I will be spending New Year's Eve in this historical but small city this year, and have been before, but I can't wait to explore it further...

The ancient aqueduct, the Moorish and catholic medieval fortress and open squares all draw me in and I'm really excited to get to know this city a bit better. Because I've visited the city and done some of the 'tourist' sights, when I visit again this year I'll meet with some local friends and try to get more of a sense of the city itself, instead of just the main attractions.

No.5 - Avila

Ever since I watched the Isabel I series on Spanish TV, I have wanted to visit Avila. The seat of Spanish monarchical power for a while, Avila is packed with history and exciting places to visit, and it's not too far from Madrid either. The huge encircling walls are a history geek's favourite thing to see, and I can't wait to learn more about this exciting little parcel of a city. The cathedral and the Plaza de Santa Teresa are also on my 'to see' list.

I love the way the drone video below starts at wall level and then rises over, giving you a sense of the protection and cover they bring to the city.

No.4 - Cordoba

The most popular image of Cordoba (much like Prague) is the long, beautiful bridge. I have seen it in so many pictures that I can basically picture myself on it, looking out over the river as the sun sets. But I have not been there yet, and so am super excited to see the bridge and more.

I can't wait to see the bridge, the Roman mausoleum and the Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba, as well as the Parque de Miraflores. The bridge was even further popularised by being used in a Game of Thrones scene, which you can see below!

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