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New Zoo in Tbilisi – Fight for Life

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As I mentioned in one of my previous stories, Tbilisi faced a big flood three years ago, and the zoo was in the center of this tragical event. Because of this catastrophe, the infrastructure was damaged, and the animals were able to leave their enclosures. Probably all Georgians remembers a lovely hippopotamus “Begi” that was walking over Heroes Square in Tbilisi. Despite the fact that almost 300 animals died in 2015, nowadays, the administration of the zoo tries to build a new complex near the Tbilisi Sea, to let all its surviving inhabitants win in this fight for life.

You have to pass a big, green gate in order to enter into the New Zoo. This new place occupies 48 hectares of land on the territory of the Tbilisi Sea. The construction of the new animal enclosuresn and the zoo infrastructure, demands heavy investments, and that is why it is difficult to transfer all inhabitants from Tbilisi center to a new place at once.

New Zoo in Tbilisi
New Zoo in Tbilisi
Tbilisi sea, Tbilisi, Georgia

The tragedy of June 13 accelerated the building process but it still needs time to be completed. The staff of the zoo is trying their best to finish the constructions as soon as possible. They even financed the construction with their own money. They have successfully chosen the new place for the zoo as it has a suitable landscape for the animals, and it is rich with different kinds of plants.

Description of the New Zoo

There won’t be any attractions in the New Zoo, as the noise is harmful to the animals. However, children will find the educational space here, that will be fully adjusted to them. Only several meters from the entrance, there is the first animal enclosure. It has one hectare of the green space where wolves and bears friendly live together. They have their territories and never disturb each other. The main aim of the New Zoo is to create a natural environment for its habitats, so that they will be happy, and interesting for the visitors.

In other big enclosures, you will see different kinds of animals including lovely deers and mountain goats. For now, there are 25 species of animals in the New Zoo. They are accepting inhabitants from all continents. The administration of the zoo is actively involved in the process of the exchange and distribution of animals. Selling animals is no longer considered good.

Although 48 hectares of the land are not fully utilized, and there are only several enclosures for now, all employees of the New Zoo hope that it will open soon for the visitors. In general, some people are skeptical about the existence of the zoo. However, it is an excellent opportunity for its inhabitants to fight for life. One of the main aims of the New Zoo is to support the survival of their inhabitants and its breeding process. If you love animals, and want to know more about them, you will love the New Zoo in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Sightseeing
Tbilisi Sightseeing
Tbilisi, Georgia

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