Nieuwpoort, remembering the Westfront

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While driving from Ostend to De Panne you will pass by a city named Nieuwpoort. It might not be big but this is another jewel placed next to the sea. Beneath I will give you some tips to make the best out of your trip to Nieuwpoort.

Nieuwpoort Stad

When you go by Coastal tram the first stop you make is Nieuwpoort stad (the city center). The beautiful architecture all around you already makes this the perfect place to take a walk. nearby is also the monument of King Albert. It was here next to the river "De Ijzer" that the floodgates were opened in the first World war and stalled the German troops. You can follow this event on the monument.

Nieuwpoort Bad

You can also walk into the city were you will stumble upon the tourist information center on the town square, they can provide you with a map of the area. If you are hungry I can advise you to look for a place to eat in the city center. Nieuwpoort Bad (this is the fourth tram station in Nieuwpoort) is located next to the coastline and it is of course more expensive to eat here.

If you would like to go to the beach from Nieuwpoort Stad you could take a walk next to the water. It is a beautiful walkway and ideal for some time to relax. Depending on your interests you can also go shopping in Nieuwpoort Bad or you could enjoy the beach and take a swim in the summer.

In the summertime (July and August) you can also go to the evening markets in Nieuwpoort. These dates change every year so it might be best to ask the local tourist information center for more information.

Westfront memorial Nieuwpoort
Westfront memorial Nieuwpoort
Kustweg 2, 8620 Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Nieuwpoort Bad, Belgium
Nieuwpoort Bad, Belgium
8620 Nieuwpoort, Belgium

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