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Nizami Street: A place full of enjoyment

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Travel Tips For Azerbaijan

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As a capital city, Baku is the first direction chosen by tourists while traveling Azerbaijan. Moreover, there some specific places that every tourist visits at least once during Baku trip. Baku Boulevard, Icherisheher, Heydar Aliyev Center and Highland Park are the most famous ones among the others.

One of the hottest points of Baku is Targoviy Street, which hosts myriad of shops of worldwide brands, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. The word “Targoviy” means “Commercial” from the Russian language. The name comes from the huge number of shopping and entertainment facilities that are located here. The actual name of the street is Nizami Street and it is considered as the most central part of the city.

Besides the shopping and entertainment facilities, Targoviy is famous for its buildings. The buildings located here are small and demonstrate architecture of 19th century. Another remarkable feature of the street is its lights. Nizami Street (Targoviy Street) looks much brighter at night rather than in the daytime. Lots of lights are constructed on the buildings, which makes the building look even more beautiful at night. What’s more, chandeliers that connect the buildings create a spectacular view of the city lights.

As mentioned, Nizami Street (Targoviy Street) is famous for its restaurants as well. Here you can find traditional, Asian and European cuisine, as well as many famous brands such as Hard Rock Baku, Mc Donald’s, KFC, Entrée and so on. Popular coffee shops like Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Shop Company are also located here. Additionally, most of the pubs in Baku is located in either Nizami Street (Targoviy) or just a few minutes far from it.

It is also one of the best places to go shopping. It is possible to find shops from almost all international brands that have a branch in Baku. You can find wide range of goods such as clothing, electronics, as well as gift shops here.

Apart from all those facilities, a part of Nizami Street is famous for its fountains. Therefore it is called Fountain Square. Besides fountains, interesting statues are another aspect that will grab your attention. In addition, Christmas and Novruz markets are organized here in winter and spring, respectively.

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