Cover picture © Credits to persaid
Cover picture © Credits to persaid
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Noor Coffee & Fine Food

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You can't have a decent food culture without a decent coffee culture; the two things grow up together.

I simply love wandering around the city and discovering new creative spaces every day. I don't like to become one with routine and that's why I am always searching for something new, doesen't matter if it's a place or a new book... *Insert a laugh here*.

As I have mentioned in previous stories too, Albania in general and especially Tirana has such a huge coffee culture. I can list many negative aspects of this but surely not on this story. I have to admit that cafeterias in Tirana are not being used just for that typical purpose of drinking a coffee. Mostly,they are used as some alternative workspaces where besides having your daily dose of caffeine you can work or study too. So,that's a plus!

My latest "go and find an interesting and cool place" consists in the discovery of "Noor Coffee & Fine Food" .


Noor is located near the city center, behind the Plaza Tirana. At first it may give you the impression of a place that wants to be hidden from the rest of the city because I don't remember how many times I passed in that road where Noor is, and I haven't even noticed once. But that time you see it, it will be love at first sight!

This particular bar has a very stylish sense, a little garden at the entrance and a cute balcony on the second floor and furthermore it has FLOWERS ! For me this is a big deal honestly and that's why I'm starting to like Noor more. It gives you this sense of being out in nature when in reality you are in the middle of the chaos. Also, it has a very interesting architecture and lots of historical objects and books and I especially love the lightning...such a cozy and friendly atmosphere !

And without doubt, Noor has the best smoothies and sandwiches too, but this ain't over...vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can choose from the menu whatever you want and you won't get dissapointed. Best place I discovered by far.

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Elda Ndoja

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