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Norwegian eating habits - sweet version

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You might think that this is going to be a list full of fish and potatoes. Well, only parts of the list are those things. In Norway, we are trying to find our own way in the candy business and new ways of dieting. For those interested in this and at the same time willing to learn important things about the Norwegian stomach, you have arrived at the right place. After the Italian side of Narvik, it was time for a full story on Norwegian eating habits. This is the sweet version. You can also read the Dinner version!

Kvikk Lunsj > Kit Kat

Kvikk Lunsj is our Kit Kat. It is regarded as superior to Kit Kat by Norwegians. Going on a hiking trip or cross-country skiing means that we will eat Kvikk Lunsj. The design has the reggae colors which has baffled me for long. The colors are perhaps representing the nature, sunset, and sunrise.

Petter Skhjerven is a Norwegian television host and says:

Rarely are we Norwegians more typically Norwegian than after a Ski session in the sun with Kvikk Lunsj in the bag and cacao in the thermos... and with a brand new smartphone that navigated us perfectly through the trail tracks


This is our Nutella. The recipe is secret and all we can do is to keep buying the Nugatti without a clue as to how it is made so good. We put this on pancakes, bread, waffles, and sometimes eat it straight from the jar while watching the new Askeladden film that was made.

Freia milk chocolate

We have a few chocolate companies in Norway. Nidar, Lade, Freia, and some others. Freia is the one who makes Kvikk Lunsj and obviously the most beloved. They have a chocolate factory that you can visit in Norway with a lot of smart tricks to produce amazing chocolate that is on the top of Europe both in location and taste.

The Freia choclate land

On Rodeløkka in Oslo, you'll find a magical chocolate factory. Very much like the Willy Wonka factory. They have a rich history and tasteful history. Tasteful because their chocolate is irresistible and rich because their chocolate is irresistible.

Freia chocolate land
Freia chocolate land
Johan Throne Holsts plass 1, 0566 Oslo, Norge


This is a gummy candy which is very sweet and shaped like a person. They come in different colors and are a favorite among the kids. You will find them on birthday cakes, in home-mixed ice cream, and kids who make stories about the gummy person's life. In 2001, the lady Laban came to the market. They separated the men from the women in different bags to tell us that no Laban kids are in production.


This treat is an ice cream shaped like a sailor's boat. During the early days of internet memes there were a flood of memes of the so-called ''Boat-Is'', and it was very funny then. However, looking back now, to grasp the genius behind the jokes is quite challenging.


This one actually deserves its own article. Christmas soda is the name in English. What every kid is excited about for Christmas in Norway is this soda and that's because they don't sell it the whole year in most places of Norway. The Swedes have their own version called ''Julmust''. That one also deserves its own article. The Norwegian is a type of soda while the Swedish have a special way of using Malt extract and hops that associates it with an alcoholic drink while that's not the case.

Wildcard: Bilar

Bilar is actually Swedish, hence the wild card title. Like Australia in Eurovision. The motto of Bilar is ''Sweden's most sold car''. Norwegians are a big fan of this product and we have it in Norway, too. It is mellow pillows that don't stick to your fingers or is gross in any way. This is only the best selling car that you will enjoy while driving.

All of these sweet treats is located in any Rema 1000 store in Norway!

Rema 1000 supermarket Narvik
Rema 1000 supermarket Narvik
Rombaksveien 45, 8517 Narvik, Norge

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