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Not just a dinner in Bucharest - Dinner in The Sky

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This story is for food lovers that like new challenges. Taking place for four years already, the Dinner in The Sky is not just a dinner in Bucharest but one with a wonderful view. Forbes named this restaurant “one of the five most unusual restaurants in the world”. The motto of the Dinner in the Sky is “The sky is the limit”. I don’t know about you, but I like to plan my vacation in advance. If you would like to attend one of these amazing experiences, you also have to plan ahead as you need a reservation for one of the events.

What to expect

The unique dinner takes place on a suspended platform that is 9 meters long and 5 meters wide. At the same time, a total of 22 guests can have this experience on the platform suspended at 50 meters. For the safety reasons, the minimum guests height for attending one of these events is 150 cm. The seats can be rotated to 180 degrees, so that one can enjoy the view freely.

You can also opt for the additional features like lights, heating sound, TV screens or personalized banners. The duration of events varies, most of them being either half an hour or one hour long. There is a staff of up to 5 persons there to make your experience even greater. An entertainer spices up the atmosphere. Food being served also varies from one event to another event, from tapas to gourmet dining.

In the near future

Maybe you would like to plan your adventure ahead, but there is also a chance for spontaneous deciders. You may still have the possibility to take part in one of those events in 2018, between the 6th and 9th of September at Bucharest Street Food Festival and between the 12th and 14th of October at the Wine & Street Food Festival, also taking place in Bucharest. The location is changing, so you have the opportunity to try a new location, for example in 2014 the events took place near the Mogoșoaia Palace and in 2018 at Mamaia.

Bucharest Street Food Festival
Bucharest Street Food Festival
Bulevardul Expoziției, București, Romania
Wine & Street Food Festival Bucharest
Wine & Street Food Festival Bucharest
Bulevardul Națiunile Unite, București, Romania

Until now

Dinner in the Sky is a unique concept that exists already in the United States and over 43 countries in Europe. The concept in Romania also promotes Romania as a tourist attraction. Although the main purpose of this event is offering an experience, the safety of the participants in taken seriously into consideration.

The events in 2018 have four different concepts Breakfast in the Sky, Wine tasting in the Sky, Styling in the Sky and Dinner in the Sky. The dinners are accompanied by the music created by a violinist Alexandra Violin. In 2018, the first beard styling show at high altitude in the world took place on August the 25th.

I am sure you will be excited about - Dinner in The Sky, not just a dinner in Bucharest. Either with a spectacular view of Bucharest, a view over the Black Sea or an amazing new location, this will surely be an experience worth living.

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Eva Poteaca

Eva Poteaca

Hello, I am Eva from Bistrița, Romania. I studied art history and love to travel and discover hidden gems all over the world. Through my writing, I will share with you a different side of Romania.

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