November celebrations in Albania

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November is a special month for albanians all around the world because this month marks the indipendence of albanians from the Ottoman empire and the creation of a free state. In 28 november 1912, the albanian flag was raised by Ismail Qemali in Vlora which proclaimed the starting of a new era in Albania. This year,on november 28th, Albania becomes 105 years old free.

As you all know, every country celebrates for its indipendence and the same thing happens in Albania each year. A lot of decorations will take place all over the country and if you currently are in Albania or you are planning to come these days, you will notice an interesting thing...almost all balconies have something in common,an albanian flag as a sign of pride and remembrance for those who fought for it.


On november 28, in the two main cities Vlora and Tirana, this day is all about celebrations. Concerts, parades, activities for youngsters and adults will invite everyone to celebrate and enjoy the amazing atmosphere that this day has to offer. Concerts will be held in the center of Tirana and will gather famous albanian artists, singers and dancers.Almost every year, in this day it is freezing cold but this wont stop albanians to celebrate. Instead they will take a flag,will wrap themselves in it and as they walk will start saying "I am proud to be albanian" (ofcouse in albanian language).

Furthermore, in this day, the flag is raised in Tirana in the presence of main political figures to continue afterwards with a visit at National Martyr's cemetery in order to honour them.

Once this day is over, another one is waiting to begin and make everyone happy again. November 29 is known as the "White Night". The main theme of this particular night is to bring people closer to Art, to inspire them to have a better understanding of Community and to engage people with "the common". Starting from 18:00-4:00, everything will be transformed into temporary art spaces. Furthermore, all museums, galeries, theatres, cinemas will invite everyone to be part of their art space,for free.

This year, albanians have the chance to attend a live concert from Emeli Sande at the main square which I think it will be amazing and will light up the atmosphere.

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