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Otherworldly Miltenberg

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Travel Tips For Möttingen

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Just 70 km away from Würzburg, you will find a town full of half-timbered houses, walls & gate towers and a gorgeous castle nested in a forest that looks like it belongs to a fairytale. This 800-year-old city witnessed a great history while hosting emperors, kings, and even witches! With its Renaissance-style sandstone wells, medieval castle, amazing nature, mystic statues, Miltenberg offers you the most picturesque trip that you can ever imagine!

This real hidden treasure city has so much to offer. Like a pearl in a closed shell, when you reach the city, you immediately get mesmerized by its stunning scenery. There is so much to do in here, if you are into the historic town center, delicious local food specialties and beers, lovely weather and gorgeous vineyards!

The first stop in this fairytale city should be the Old Market Square. This place stands out with its beautiful half-timbered houses and gorgeous shops. Old Market Square of Miltenberg is definitely a picturesque place to be! Plus it is a fun place to explore and shop while gazing down the historic scenery! In here, you can also taste the delicious local cuisine and enjoy the local wine! After all of that you can also get yourself a fine piece of jewellery and have a fun time while gazing down the famous fountain and a massive Catholic church that was made from scarlet sandstones!

After a nice uphill walk from the Market Square, the Miltenberg Castle will welcome you with its grace. It is a bit challenging to climb up the hill of the castle, but trust me, the stunning view at the top makes it all worth it. You can get to see the gorgeous Main river and its bridge, the old town, and the surrounding countryside! After visiting the castle, don't forget to check out its museum as well!

Miltenberg is also the best place to calm your soul! After crossing the bridge, you will witness the tranquility of the calming river, cute ducklings, swans and of course the green and gorgeous forest.

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Alara Benlier

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