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I think that education and exposure to the outdoors and the natural environment is absolutely vital, from as young an age as possible. Thing like camping, outdoor activity centres and nature education centres are at the heart of this, so I wanted to visit some of my favourites, a few of which I visited as a child or teen, and a few as an adult. You can definitely enjoy some of these places whether you are five or 50! You can also do some of these fun activities indoors, at climbing centres in the UK like Calshot, which I've previously written about.

Mill on the Brue Outdoor Activity Centre

This is one of the centres that focuses on the education side of things, rather than the most exhilarating activities, but what it lacks in activity it more than makes up for with expertise. The team they use at the centre are remarkably passionate and knowledgeable, and really are the heart and soul of the centre. Based in Somerset, in the southern part of England, this centre runs kids, adults, team-building and party programs, with an emphasis on education. It's a completely family-run business, with little focus on making money, and the emphasis is clearly not on this. The programs are intensive and immersive, but not rushed at all, and you never get the sense that you are on a very strictly scheduled day, but instead are spending time learning about nature and the natural world with expert guides, at your own pace.

The centre has housing and camping, spacious enough for about 60-80 people, and whether it's water slides, natural food foraging, team building/corporate days out or navigation, everything you could want is here.

Mill on the Brue Activity Centre
Mill on the Brue Activity Centre
Mill on the Brue Activity Cent, Tower Hill, Bruton BA10 0BA, UK

Newlands Adventure Centre - Keswick

This centre is a bit more action focused, and although there are absolutely elements of education, many of the activities you can find and enjoy at the Newlands Adventure Centre are based on pushing the participants mentally and physically to discover more about themselves. Climbing, abseiling, bouldering, high-ropes course and orienteering are all available, as well as some more extreme activities.

Based near the Lake District, this activity centre benefits hugely from access to so much water! The centre is situated at the northern edge of the Derwentwater. This huge lake is ideal for exploring, playing and learning, and is also a very safe place, and makes it easy to explore the aquatic world without too much risk.

The centre also has a great high-ropes course that will teach young and old courage, determination and the ability to overcome difficult and scary challenges!

Newlands Adventure Centre
Newlands Adventure Centre
Stair, Keswick CA12 5UF, UK

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