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“Pain des amis”: the unofficial symbol of Paris

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Travel Tips For Paris

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When you are thinking about typical Parisian then you are probably picturing beret-wearing person holding a baguette under their arm. Be aware: This is not a cliché! The baguette is a big deal in France. They are taking it so seriously that there is even a competition for the best baguette of the year and crossing the town to get the perfect one is a quite normal thing. That’s why if you want to buy your bread at the Parisian bakery « Du pain et des ideés » you have to be ready to wait patiently in the line.

From high fashion to baking oven

Christophe Vasseur was working in the fashion industry as a successful sales executive, when he decided at the age of thirty to leave everything and to pursue his true passion. He became a baker. But not just another baker, he was elected the best baker in Paris in March 2008 by the famous gourmet magazine Gault&Millau. And for good reasons. His signature bread “Pain des amis” is the real piece of art made by carefully selected organic flour.

Rustic bakery and delicious bread

After three years as an apprentice to the best baker in Paris, Christophe Vasseur open his own bakery « Du pain et des idées » in the 10th arrondissement, not far away from the Canal Saint Martin on February 2002. In this charming and authentic bakery dating from 1889 he start making bread that was perfectly crusted on the outside and airy and fluffy on the inside with the nutty taste. Like it was just taken from a grandmas baking oven. In no time he got the heart of the whole neighbourhood and than the smell of this bread has spread even further.

Mouth watering pastries


If you visit Paris then “Pain des amis” is the must to try but don’t forget to treat yourself also with the different pastries lined up in generous baskets. You can choose the “escargots” a snail-shaped treat with pistachio or praline paste or a thin- crusted tart with fresh baked figs or apricots, depending on the season or even brioche sweet bread with the sugars crystals on the top. I am sure this makes already your mouth water.

Du pain et des idées” 34 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris The shop is open only Monday to Friday

Canal Saint-Martin
Canal Saint-Martin
62 quai de la Marne, 75019 Paris, France
Du pain et des idées, Paris
Du pain et des idées, Paris
Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris, France

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