Pakruojis Manor: where Lithuanian traditions meet Chinese charm

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If you are looking for a perfect opportunity to feel the real life of a nobleman in one of the most beautiful manors in Lithuania - Pakruojis Manor is just the right place. A real gem of northern Lithuania, this manor has something to offer to visitors all year long. During the winter, Pakruojis mansion attracts thousands of people with an incredibly beautiful festival of The Great Lanterns of China. Together with this festival, Pakruojis Manor is becoming charming manor full of Chinese and Lithuanian traditions. But let’s start from the beginning because this gem has much more to offer than you can imagine.

When and how everything started?

Pakruojis Manor, as all manors in Lithuania, is quite old. The first time this northern Lithuania's gem was mentioned in written sources was around the 16th century. The history of the manor is simple - it was owned by several rich families and was abandoned during the wars. And from 2012, this manor become alive again, and nowadays it is one of the most popular cultural, tourism and leisure place in the whole Lithuania.

From workshops to Hamlet

Pakruojis Manor holds various workshops: perfume workshops - where from various essential oils the real perfume is made; honey workshops with interesting details about apiculture and fresh honey degustations; wool manufacturing - a workshop with a seamstress about the most beautiful 19th-century clothes; and the workshop about the art of blacksmithing. And there is so much more. These workshops are held during the summer weekends together with numerous other activities - a theatre where Hamlet is performed, a chamber orchestra in the candlelight room and many other things. During the winter time, registration is needed for the workshops. Moreover, except the workshops, the manor offers a museum visiting, musical program and a really small brewery with traditional beer degustation. Also, the beer in Pakruojis region is slightly different from the one in Biržai Manor,  so it is worth to try both. This manor has so much to offer, that it could become your Lithuanian visit's cherry on the top.

Where one of  the greatest Lithuanian movies was filmed

Also, there is one more interesting fact about Pakruojis Manor. Everyone knows Robin Hood, but did you know that the Lithuanians also have their own hero? Tadas Blinda was a 19th-century Lithuanian outlaw and folk hero, who became a legend and till now the movies about him are being made. One of the first and most famous movies about Tadas Blinda was filmed in all parts of Lithuania, and one of the most crucial scenes - in Pakruojis Manor. Till nowadays, this manor reminds many Lithuanians of this legendary Lithuanian film.

The Great Lanterns of China Festival

During the winter, Pakruojis Manor is becoming a fantastic and magical place with some charm from China. Festival starts to happen from the end of November till the Three Kings’ Day in the beginning of January. The Great Lanterns of China Festival is happening every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the festival, various installations with the real Chinese Silk lanterns are presented, together with theatre, Lithuanian and Chinese traditional food, and accessories markets. This festival is a unique and first of this type in Lithuania. Of course, it is better to visit it during the dark hours, from 4-5 PM. During this festival, the manor seems to be different, and the views of traditional Lithuanian manor and Chinese lanterns together become a real joy for every visitor.

As you see, Pakruojis Manor is a really special place, and you will not find any other mansion in Lithuania that will offer you so many Lithuanian traditional activities as this manor does. Do not miss this northern Lithuanian gem and, if possible, visit it during the charming traditional Chinese festival  - the Great Lanterns from China.

Pakruojis manor
Pakruojis manor
The Great Laterns of China Festival
The Great Laterns of China Festival

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