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One of the most important parts of living in a big, bustling and busy city is knowing how to relax. There are some amazing markets in London, and plenty to do in London. For some people relaxation comes in then form of clubs and bars and socialising, but for me, I need green spaces. I need to get away from crowds and find some quiet little places to reconnect with the natural world and remind myself of the joys of sitting on the grass and smelling the flowers and watching the trees. So I've included my favourite three parks in London, and the reasons why I love them so much!

Number 3 - Greenwich Park

Although it's a bit further away from central London than the next two on this list, Greenwich park is the perfect place for the weekends. Not only is it a huge expanse of beautiful trees, expansive lawns and open areas, it also combines this natural beauty with great nearby entertainment. The Greenwich Market is close by, as is the Greenwich Observatory and the Cutty Sark ship museum and the Royal Naval Museum. Any one of these attractions would be enough to pull me to the area, but having everything so close to this great park is ideal! This is the kind of place that you can quite easily explore over an entire day.

Number 2 - The Regent's Park

This is another park that also brings a great selection of things to do, as well as the natural beauty that every visitor enjoys - London Zoo is inside the park, with more than 20,000 animals. Regent's Park is great because it's very central and so can even be visited on a lunch hour. There are also plenty of architectural inspirations to enjoy here, with Sussex Palace, Park Crescent and Gloucester Gate all gracing the outer parts of the park. One of my best memories of living in London was spending misty Saturday mornings in Regents's Park, and looking over Regent's Park Lake with the ducks and swans swimming around.

Number 1 - Hyde Park

Perhaps the obvious choice, but it's incredibly popular and loved for a reason. Hyde Park is the largest of London's parks, and provides a true natural space to wander in. So large that it's easy to get lost, Hyde Park is big enough that you really feel as if you are not in one of the largest economic capital cities in the world. The other two parks in this list are fantastic, but can't compete with Hyde Park for sheer size and scale. The park has its own tube stop (Hyde Park Corner) and has hosted executions, protests and massive concerts in its time as the very centre of London's relaxation scene.

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