Perugia, one of Italy's hidden gems

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So, everybody knows which are the must-go-to cities in Italy but what really makes this country a traveller’s favourite are the not-very-known towns and areas that have the ability to impress a visitor as much as the Big Boys (Rome, Florence, or Venice). Perugia is definitely one of these. Situated at the top of two hills in the Umbria region, right at the centre of Italy’s territory, Perugia won’t take long to make you fancy it. While walking through its centre, a maze of little and narrow street in which losing yourself is the only proper way to visit it, you’ll be surrounded by a mix of Etruscan, Roman and Medieval architecture that will send you back in time pretty much instantly.

I mean, is not that common to walk through a 2300-year-old door, is it?

But Perugia does not offer just history; Perugia is one of the top destination for young students who want to learn Italian language and culture. Here, in fact, is situated one of the two Universities for Foreign People in Italy. This helps to create an international vibe for the city, a really enjoyable aspect especially when spending the evening out in the city. Plus, throughout the year, there are events that enrich the offer this city gives; one of these is Umbria Jazz, a music festival, held since 1973, where artists like B.B. King, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, and Santana have performed.

During his trip to Italy, Goethe wrote:

The city is in a beautiful position (..) the view is truly a delight: those sights are now well engraved in my mind's eye.

I must agree.

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