Pomegranate Festival – Goychay

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Have you ever seen a special holiday dedicated to a fruit? If not, then we invite you to Azerbaijan to see a special festival, which is the pomegranate one.

There are a lot of tasty fruits that you can find in different regions of Azerbaijan. However, pomegranate is a special one and sometimes is referred to as a symbol of the country. Therefore, it was one of the mascots of the Baku 2015 1st European Games.

Pomegranate festival is organized in Goychay - the central part of Azerbaijan, in every November, since 2006. The festival takes place in the first week of the month as the November is the period when people start to pick their pomegranates.

The festival is kind of an exhibition of pomegranate and the products produced from it. Various sorts of pomegranate such as “Gulovsha”, “Valas”, “Shirinnar” and etc. from all villages of Goychay is brought to the city center to be shown in the festival. Besides pomegranate, pomegranate juice, “Nardancha” which is special pomegranate jam, “Narsharab” - a special juice of pomegranate which is eaten with fish especially, and handcrafts made from pomegranate is displayed in the exhibition.

In addition, national music show of celebrities, dance show of local artists, as well as other entertaining shows like jugglers’ show demonstrated in the festival, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Just enjoy a tasty festival! :)


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