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I've previously talked about museums in London, as well as where to spend a rainy day in London. London is a city packed full of exciting, modern and high-end bars, and there is no end of suited workers trying to relax after a long day in any and all of these types of bars. But there is also another option if you are looking for something a but more fun. I never really enjoyed the corporate watering holes much, and way preferred the bars that were a little bit different...

Bounce Ping Pong...

With two locations, one in Farringdon and the other in Old Street, Bounce Ping Pong is probably the most fun, different and entertaining bar I ever went to in London. As the name suggests, it's a place where you can come to have a drink and unwind after work, with the added twist of being able to to play table tennis with all your friends (or strangers). Booking a ping pong table for you and your friends is £21 per hour (at the time of writing) or £31 during peak hours. You can also just enjoy it for half an hour at £16.50. You can even hire a 'Games Guru' for a special occasions, who will guide you and your group through the different games you can enjoy here, as well as bringing a party atmosphere to the occasion.

People dont come here just to hit a ball from one side to the other though, as the bar is also bringing revolutionary technology, called 'Wonderball', which you can see in the video below. These use completely interactive tables, that can track and react to the ball, with sensors and a whole range of settings.

Draughts Board Game Cafe...

A little more low-key and lower energy than Bounce Ping Pong, the Draughts Board Game Cafe is exactly like it sounds. Somewhere where you can can relax in a peaceful setting, with food and drinks, and play board games with your friends. They have more than 800 games in the carefully organised library, from competitive trivia, to party games or turn based strategy games - so whatever the kind of game that you like, there is something for everyone.

Flight Club...

Flight Club is a bar that takes throwing darts at a dart board to whole new level. Like the other bars mentioned above, Flight Club is all about having fun! The drinks and food are brought to the players, and there are guides and experts to walk you through how to play, how to improve and also to suggest other types of darts games to suit every individual group. The bar also has great cocktails and food, with the majority of the food menu available to share between the group.

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