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Rafting under the stars on Vrbas River

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Do you know a place in Europe where the night rafting, canoeing or kayaking is possible? A place with illuminated trails and canyons? A place that is a synonym for extreme adventure and adrenalin rush? If not, you will remember its name – Vrbas River. A major river (235 km) in western Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vrbas is one of the few rivers in the world that meets the requirements for the night descent down the rapids and cascades.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is well known for its white-water rafting adventures, which is by far its best-developed outdoor activity. Bosnia has four raging rivers that offer rafting possibilities, but if you want the best experience, opt for Vrbas River Canyon. The rafting on this amazing river is of a world class, confirmed by the European White-water Rafting Championship (2015) and World Rafting Championship (2009).

Vrbas is fast mountain river with several sparkling and rough sections, as well as rapid falls. It is among few most attractive rivers in Europe with degree of severity 3-4 (and 1-2 on some routes), which provides opportunities for both wild adventure and adrenaline, but also the peaceful pleasure. Vrbas passes through two canyons - Canyon Tijesno (5 km) and Canyon Podmilačje (8 km). Length to be used for water sports adventure is 31 km (from the Bočac dam to the Banja Luka city centre). Fans of extreme sports can enjoy this beauty on 5, 11, 14, and 21 km long paths.

What to expect? A fusion of pristine wilderness, adrenaline, challenges and well-known Bosnian hospitality. All this is more than enough to enjoy the emerald and crystal-clear Vrbas River.

Besides rafting, Vrbas River is also ideal for free jumping, kayak riding, as well as kayak-canoeing. Off the beaten track to the highlands around the canyon are excellent hiking, climbing, biking and walking trails where one has phenomenal views of the river below. The canyon walls are home to hawks, eagles and falcons as well.

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Ljiljana Krejic

Ljiljana Krejic

I am Ljiljana, from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Being a journalist, I can't escape from that perspective when travelling. My mission is to make you explore the last Europe’s undiscovered gem.

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