Rijeka – from fish to torpedo

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When you get to the Rijeka airport on the island Krk, you have so many directions to put on to. One of them must be for sure the highway A7 all the way to the Rijeka city. After about a half an hour of ride, when you hardly notice that you passed over a small bridge, you are there. And you can choose to see and try everything, from fish to torpedo. Yes, you read it well! So, fish and torpedo story. Shall we start? Welcome to Rijeka, the queen of the Kvarner, a gulf filled with islands.

A cup of coffee first

When you come down to the city, you can go for a walk or take a coffee on Korzo, a long promenade with many markets and cafes. There, you can be like a local, and feel the real Croatian spirit and mentality. And, after a coffee, it’s time for food. Rijeka has a special market called Central Market, with a lot of fresh fish. So, you can buy fresh fish caught that morning in the bay. Precious and later - delicious!

Rijeka must sees

Now, we can start with sightseeing. A bit above the city, you can find a peaceful place with a great view - a wonderful old castle called Trsat. In the city, all the roads will bring you to the Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc, with small but wonderfully arranged park in front. If you are more into museums, don’t miss to visit the Peek & Poke Computer Museum, to see old game consoles and massive computers, the real witness of a new era. You should also see the Maritime Museum because Croatia and Rijeka have rich maritime history, and here you will be able to learn more about the naval history of the Adriatic. Rijeka has something more to offer too. Something extraordinary. That is a tunnel under the city. The tunnel was made during the WWII by the Italian army, and it still has the signs that say Riservato all U.N.P.A. which means Reserved for the Anti-aircraft Corps. It starts near the Cathedral of St. Vitus and goes under the Old Town to the Dolac Primary School.


After that, Kastav will be your escape from the city rush. A small town near Rijeka has stunning views and great walk paths through the forest. Here, you should visit Crekvina (in the photo below) the biggest church on this side of the Adriatic sea and definitely the landmark of the town.

Кастав, Хрватска

Torpedo story

And at the end, as I promised, we are going back to torpedo story. Did you know that torpedo was invented and first time produced right there in Rijeka? Today, you can see only the walls of the former factory, built in 1866 by Ivan Luppis, a retired officer, guided by a desire to design a way to defend the harbor. Together with a British engineer, Robert Whitehead, he designed the first torpedo here.

This story from fish to torpedo is here to tackle your imagination, but feel free to find out more, because Rijeka, the queen of Adriatic, and one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, welcomes you in every single season throughout the year.

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