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Roadtrip to Delft and Leiden, the Netherlands

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Travel Tips For Delft

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So let’s suppose that you have already visited the Netherlands quite a few times and that you more or less know quite well the capital and the surrounding cities; However, this time even though you’re going to Amsterdam just for work, you know that you’ll have a free weekend to travel and explore cities that you’ve never been in. You are looking for a combination of cities that you can actually do while on a roadtrip and you prefer a short-route that won’t be quite tiring (You had enough, I know!). And here I am with an interesting suggestion; a roadtrip to Delft and Leiden!

Starting from Amsterdam, those two cities offer an excellent getaway that can be easily reached within an hour! And now you’re gonna ask me why Delft and Leiden? Well, those two cities are not that touristic, they offer a variety of activities, plus the way towards them is extremely flowery and full of windmills! I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it! Let’s now see a few background info ;

Delft is a city that is full of culture, traditions and a network of fantastic canals. Located in the South Holland province, Delft is directly in-between The Hague and Rotterdam, and Zoetermeer is just 15 minutes to the north east. With origins in the 11th century, delft has always had an association with canals and it was developed into a city around the 13th century.The renowned Dutch leader William of Orange had a residence in Delft and during the 1500’s it was one of the prominent cities in the Netherlands for many years. In modern times, Delft has become well known for its ceramic pottery industry and also has a plethora of historical monuments and stunning architecture such as the city hall and Oostpoort.

At the same time, Leiden is one of the Netherlands' great cities. Woven with canals lined by beautiful 17th-century buildings, it's renowned for being Rembrandt’s birthplace, the home of the Netherlands’ oldest and most prestigious university (Einstein was a regular professor), and the place in which the Pilgrims raised money to lease the leaky Mayflower that took them to the New World in 1620. Leiden's cache of museums, all within walking distance of each other, are a major draw, as is wandering along its picturesque canals and soaking up its nightlife, fuelled by a nearly 27,000-strong student population.

Let’s now check together a few activities and places that shouldn’t be missed while traveling there!


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