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Rockheim is Located in ''the viking city of Trondheim'' and is the hall of fame of music in Norway. Popular music from the Norwegian nation since the 1950s until today is located in this big house.

The goal is to collect, look after, and retell popular Norwegian musical stories Their task is to accurately present the feeling and the tales of the popular music of Norway. The Norwegian black metal scene is another music article about Norway.

Rockheim - Det nasjonale museet for populærmusikk
Rockheim - Det nasjonale museet for populærmusikk
Brattørkaia 14, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

The time tunnel

One very exciting thing is the time tunnel. The concept is basic and is a tunnel which starts with the earliest music from the 50's and ends with the newest era of the 2010's. There is an amazing mix of LP's that you can play with, which gives you the ability to take part in the museum and really interact. You can even play videos when you walk by the screens. This makes it a museum and an entertainment park at the same time.

The experience room

You will feel like trying out the dj/musician career when you see that they actually have equipment for you to play songs on! While you’re in the underground mood they have made a graffiti wall where you can express your street artistry. This too makes the museum interactive and helps the music stay alive and relevant in Norway. For this kind of museum, it was appropriate to make it interactive because music makes us move and plays with our emotions. However, if you step into an anti-aircraft station in the war museum it is sometimes regarded as inappropriate. In Rockheim, when you're motivated to play the guitar or write songs the museum calls it a successful visit for you. In the experience room, you can also play the drums, guitar, bass, piano, and singing!


It can be described as the library of Norwegian music. You will find a very comfortable chair and extremely satisfying reading material. Are you for example interested in a comic book about Aha? You can find that in this room.

The stage

They say that it would be incomplete without a live stage in this building because concerts are very sustainable for keeping artists motivated and rewarded. Around 400 people can fit in the room and the music here is related to the stuff that you find in the museum.

Informative fun facts

They have food here which is positioned in a proper restaurant with reasonable prices. They have people researching Norwegian popular music and they also research why ''Aha - Take on me'' became so big over the whole world for example. I talk about Aha a lot because my family once bought the Toyota of Morten Harket (The lead singer) who owned the car before. And yes, we played ‘’Take on Me’’ in it with the roof window open.

The museum shop

Norwegian action figures of artists, posters, books, and even games are put on the market for you to pick up. The museum as a whole has inspired a lot of people to walk out of here with multiple items that they had no idea that they needed!

Trondheim city
Trondheim city
Trondheim, Norge
Nidarosdomen church Trondheim
Nidarosdomen church Trondheim
7013 Trondheim, Norge

The skatepark outside

A thing that surprised me was the skate park that is located right outside of the house. Music culture is deeply inspiring skateboarding, and both of these are artistic pursuits and therefore makes a lot of sense to me to have a park here. A fresh, red, and modern skate park is also a very safe and ''sound'' attraction for the place.

Rockheim skate park
Rockheim skate park

Norwegian musician who used to skate

A fun fact is that the lead singer in Bigbang called Øystein Greni skated a lot in the 70s - 80s and was on his way to be a pro. Then he hurt his knee in a contest in Germany and the doctor made an operation assuming that he would live a sanitary life and Øystein Greni couldn't skate like he used to anymore. Øystein is not only celebrated in Rockheim Hall of fame. He is also celebrated in Norwegian skateboarding, they made wheels with his name on that I had in 2008.

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