Cover picture credits: © 2012 - Sony Pictures Classics
Cover picture credits: © 2012 - Sony Pictures Classics

Rome for Woody Allen fans

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Movies can be a big motivation for travelling and can alter your complete ambiance on observing the things. Like magic sunglasses, let’s say. If you watch a romantic movie in a city, when you actually visit it, the mood that you will have at a starting point, will most likely be affected by the movie that encouraged you to visit the place. On the other hand, movie makers are in a constant search of a perfect, ideal place, both when it comes to scenography and ambiance. We can completely count on the movie makers for good choices of good city spots. Even if you don’t like the movie, still the spots are worth visiting.

If you are visiting Vienna and would like to connect that experience with a movie, then “Before Sunrise” is the movie to go. If you are visiting Italy, especially Rome and Naples, check out "Eat, pray, love". However, the ultimate "Rome movie" belongs to the great Woody Allen, the biggest city admirer; here is a glimpse of what you can see in his movie “To Rome, with love”.

Photo credits: © 2012 - Sony Pictures Classics

This romantic comedy presents the lives of some visitors and some residents of Rome. It depicts the romances, the adventures, and the predicaments these people get into- so expect this kind of mood to be triggered while watching this movie. Some of the spots recognised in the movie, can be listed below:

Piazza Venezia

It is one big magnificent piazza that hosts the grave of an unknown soldier. Also it used to be a meeting point for the gatherings, when Mussolini held speeches in 1920-1940s. In the movie, one romantic meeting takes place here, at the very beginning.

Roma Termini

Photo credits: © 2012 - Sony Pictures Classics

It is very possible that your first "contact" with Rome happened right at this place- the Roma Termini. Here, it is where the main train station is located. The ancient Baths of Diocletian are placed across the street from the main entrance - so your tour through the "museum city" can start right away.

Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome

Piazza del Campidoglio is one of Rome's most beautiful squares, designed in the sixteenth century by Michelangelo. It is very close to Piazza Venezia. In the center of the square stands a statue of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. There is a grandiose staircase that leads from the bottom of the Capitoline Hill to the piazza, known as the Cordonata.

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