Rüdesheim: The City of Riesling

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Rhein Valley is so far the best part of Germany for me. This region is full of gorgeous cities, delicious food, nice people, amazing nature and of course the best wines! And trust me, Rüdesheim is the best place to sip your German Riesling right next to amazing vineyards while gazing into calming Rhine river. Rüdesheim is a small but a charming city in the Rheingau in Hesse. You can reach the city by a train or bus inside of Europe. To explore the city is best on foot, but you can also take a cable car or even have a boat tour just to admire this gorgeous valley.

It is true that Rüdesheim is covered with castles and ruins and historical churches, but for me, it is definitely the best place to enjoy the environment, relax and have a quality time. So my recommendation for you is just to wander around the city, taste Riesling and enjoy your surroundings. In here, there is also a walking trail passes through Rüdesheim which is called the Rheinsteig. It is about 7 km long, so you can walk there and gaze into one of the most romantic places on Earth and enjoy this radiant atmosphere!

The first stop should be in this splendid city should be the Drosselgasse. This street is definitely the beating heart of Rüdesheim! In this historical alley in the middle of the old town you can find kitschy souvenir shops, restaurants that offers you the most delicious food in Germany, beer gardens that you can enjoy your wine and beer or even your coffee - in here you can also taste the famous Rüdesheimer coffee which is served with the local Asbach brandy- or tea and even live music. So get ready to get mesmerized by the half-timbered houses, get lost in the narrow streets and enjoy the fairytale-like feeling.

The part of the Rhine Gorge World Heritage Site, The Boosenburg Castle is a lowland castle which is dating back to the 12th century! It is a great place to take photos since it looks like it is coming out of a fairytale. The castle also has belonged to a winery!

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Alara Benlier

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