Sairme Resort – The best place to relax and be happy (Part 2)

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You already know the most important things about Sairme. This place is famous for its healing mineral waters and very beautiful nature. Now, I would like to tell you more about the Sairme Resort, that is one of the best places to relax and to be happy. Let’s start with its interesting history.


At the end of the 20th century, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was an economic crisis in all the republics. It was a difficult time, as the people had to build the economy of their own countries from the beginning. Unfortunately, the Resort Sairme also had to deal with those consequences. During that time, you could not see any tourists there.

Despite these facts, the tourism gradually started to develop, and the general reconstructions began in Sairme. As from 2011-2012, everything got much better, and Georgia started to attract tourists again, by developing the infrastructure. People called this site the “New Sairme”, as this place became totally different after the reconstructions.

The Sairme Resort Today

Nowadays, the Sairme Resort is a favorite place for people who love to have fun and relax. If before the visitors used to look just for a relaxation here, now Sairme is suitable for the people of different age groups and different interests. You can improve your health, and in addition, you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

Sairme Resort
Sairme Resort
1000, Sairme, საირმე Sairme Resort, Sairme, Georgia

The resort is famous not only in Georgia but in many European and Asian countries. You can enjoy different spa procedures and visit a balneological center, but also hiking in the mountains of the amazing surroundings. That is how a 4-star super modern hotel was created with a great location.

A river is flowing from both sides of the hotel, which makes the view from the hotel even more beautiful. In addition, there is a pool with thermal waters, and its temperature is naturally +32 Celsius degrees, during all the seasons. The thermal water is very beneficial for your health, especially for the skin and bones. You will really like special salt rooms enriched with minerals, that are all part of a renewed spa center in Sairme.

For extreme lovers

Apart from the hiking that will let you capture the best views of the mountains around, the Sairme Resort also offers a 40-minute Quadro tours that will take you to the Alpine Zone from the Sairme forest. Overcoming different barriers in the city of ropes became a popular entertainment for the groups. There is also a special shooting field, for those who love shootings and sharp feelings.

Also, don’t miss the longest zip-line in Georgia that promises you the most exciting adventure. While you travel by zip-line from the top, a heart rate pleasantly increases, and you feel a peak of adrenaline that you have never felt before. This is all I wanted to tell you about the Sairme Resort. Now it’s time to check it by yourself, as this is the best place to relax and be happy.

Sairme, Georgia

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