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Sairme – The best place to relax and be happy (Part 1)

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Travel Tips For Sairme

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I think you will agree with the fact that there are many unique places to visit in Georgia. I have already told you a lot about its mineral waters, for example, Borjomi and places such as Tbilisi Balneological Resort or Tskaltubo Spa Resort. Now, I would like to introduce one more place and convince you that Sairme is one of the best places to relax and be happy.

A story about Sairme

Sairme is located in the Imereti Region, near the city of Kutaisi. First information about this place was spread out in the 19th century, when the hunters followed a wounded deer, who stopped near one place where the water was flowing on the rusted stones. There was the salt around it, so the deer started drinking this water and then eating the salt. The name stems exactly from this story, as “Sairme” is translated as a place of a deer.

People also considered a beautiful field nearby to be a magical place because the snow there was melting very fast and after the rain, everything was becoming dry immediately. The secret of this magic field was finally uncovered by exploring the natural mineral water under the surface.

In 1930, Sairme got a Status of a Sanatorium. Different Sanatoriums were built, and many people started visiting this place. Sairme had visitors from every Soviet Union country, and their main aim was to improve their health and make them relax in this amazing resort.

Sairme, Georgia

Sairme Mineral Waters

In Sairme, the mineral water is similar to those in Borjomi. These waters also include sulfur and mineral water “Sairme.” An excellent geographical location makes Sairme a handy place for the healthy treatements. Fresh air and healing mineral and thermal waters are really a great mix. Sairme water comes from the depth of the coniferous forests, and it is naturally filtered in the crusts of the earth.

This water is very useful for the metabolism, immune system, bone system, etc. You can enjoy the carbonated mineral water, and also you can have non-carbonated one. Both types of Sairme waters are rich in useful minerals. It is widely used in various healing procedures and cosmetology.

Sairme mineral water is the only water that got quality awards twice from the world organizations in this sphere. So, you can find Sairme Waters not only in Georgia but also in other countries. But this is not all what I wanted to say about Sairme. I am going to talk more about the Sairme Resort in my next article to make you understand why this place is the best to relax and to be very happy.

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The author

Anano Chikhradze

Anano Chikhradze

I am Anano. I Iove travelling, history and getting to know people from all over the world. I write about Georgia, my country, and I am sure everybody will fall in love with it.

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