San Marino: The Fifth Smallest Country In The World

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Have you been to a country within a country? Can you think of any examples other than the Republic of San Marino located in Italy?

A visit to the microstate San Marino is a one-of-a-kind experience. According to Lonely Planet, the country can be considered to be the most curious one ever. Not only is San Marino the fifth smallest country in the world, but it is also one of the world's oldest republics as it was founded in 301 AD.

Above all, San Marino's clifftop castles make the place look like a fairy-tale destination. Climbing up the towers in San Marino, you will be amazed by the country's otherworldly beauty. It is best to buy a combined ticket for two or more attractions as it is cheaper and more convenient.

My favorite is Torre Cesta. After climbing to the top of this castle, there is a breathtaking view of Torre Guaita, the largest and oldest castle in San Marino. The best time to visit San Marino is in October and November, as you can marvel at the gorgeous colors of fall. For an inexpensive lunch, try piadina, the typical Italian flatbread of the region Romagna.

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Vy Tran

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