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Cover photo © Credits to Tvb hof

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Schloss Fuschl fishery: Where the rich get their fish

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The fishery located at the west bank of the crystal-clear Fuschlsee, next to the beautiful Schloss Fuschl, is the place where the rich get their fish, and where you can get world's best quality fish as well. Why is it different than the other fish?


Thanks to very clean water of the mountain Lake Fuschl, the quality of fish is supreme. Some of the fishermen drink water from the lake only to demonstrate how clean it is.  On the surface that is 4 km long and 900 m wide, there are fourteen different species of fish. Coregonus, char, burbot, pike tench, carp, lake trout, whitefish are indigenous to the Fuschlsee, and only eel was added afterwards. Fish is in abundance here. However, in the clean waters, the fish grow slower, and they are harder to catch because there are fewer nutrients in the water. All this influences the quality of fish and the price as well. It is important to mention that the fish doesn’t taste good until it has finished its growth. Only then, the quality and taste are unmatched. And only the fishermen of the Schloss Fuschl have the right to fish here. It has been like this since ever.

Photo © Credits to mel-nik
Photo © Credits to mel-nik


For centuries, the fish caught at the Fuschlsee was the property of archbishops of Salzburg. The ecclesiastical principality of Salzburg paid a fixed price per fish, which was of course lower than the price on the free market. At the gate of the city of Salzburg, the fishermen had to register their catches and first offer them to the principality for sale. Only the remaining fish, which was not bought by the court, the fishermen could sell on the free market. Even today, the fishing is highly regulated and restricted here.


When it is caught, the fish is kept in the fish tanks next to the fishery, that is picturesquely situated on the shore of Fuschlsee, with the world-famous Schloss Fuschl in the background. After the fish is caught, it is smoked for 2-3 hours at a smokehouse of the fishery by using beech wood and sawdust. This smoked fish is known beyond the borders of the country. For decades, the fishery offers to the locals and guests an excellent quality fish specialities on the spot. Here, you can enjoy the fish at the wooden table next to the boathouses. There is a mini shop, where you can buy the fish directly in the Hotel Schloss Fuschl. For instance, the frequent guests here are Mr Abramovich, Anna Netrebko and other prominent and rich people and royalty.

Photo © Credits to Fontanis
Photo © Credits to Fontanis

If you like it, you can even take part in a fascinating boat trip. A fish master will guide the guests and explain about the fish and water world of the lake. Finally, at the end of the trip, the visitors are spoiled by a rustic fisherman's snack. The Schloss Fuschl fishery, a place where the rich get their fish is a site to visit if you want to taste a supreme quality fish.

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