Secret Party Locations of Istanbul

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This time I wanted to write little tips to my fellow party lovers who are visiting Istanbul and want to stay away from the mainstream clubs or bars. Istanbul offers a vibrant night life scene as well as the touristic activities to people who visit. But just like in every big city there are some locations known mostly by locals. So, if you are looking to get out from the touristic side of the city and enjoy a night out in the outskirts of Istanbul, these locations will be the ones to add your list. I must say, many of these locations are more eligible during the summer time and if you are planing a short trip to Istanbul you should definitely check the events lists before hand so that you can find the right party for your taste. Kilyos is one of the most popular secret party spots in the city, well a little outside the city, which became popular for the night long beach and forrest events, during the day there are private beaches where you can enjoy the sunshine but at night these beached turn into venues for psychedelic themed parties. Kilyos is a little town in the seaside of Istanbul and in this little town there are private beaches such as Suma and Babylon which hosts the parties and the festivals during the weekends. Even though these locations are almost 2 hours away from the city centre, there are many choices of transportation or accommodation. Many locals choses to spend the night on the beach after the party, enjoy the refreshing sea in the morning and then make their way to home. I would say, even if you cannot arrange to attend a party in any of these locations you can still go and take a little beach break from the city. Most of the venues have their own bars and restaurants within so you do not have to worry about the food and the drinks. I will add some activities so you can either plan a day or a night trip, the choice is yours!

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Idil Birben

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