Seitan Limania, a hidden stunning paradise!

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Whenever you decide to visit Greece, just do me a favour and ADD Crete in your must visit places-list! Crete is one of the most popular islands and a worldwide top holiday destination. If you have never been there, now it’s about time, remember summer is coming! Known as the most diverse Greek island, Crete is awaiting to enchant you!

Sandy beaches hidden among soaring mountains, palm tree forests growing in the middle of sprawling plains, and bustling modern cities share coastlines with centuries-old structures.

Of course what fascinates you upon your arrival to the island and one of the reasons that Crete is considered to be one of the top summer destinations in the whole world, are its picturesque and extremely exotic beaches! With their idyllic blue waters, rocky coastlines and fancy beach bars, mind-blowing beaches can be found all across the island. However, of all the beaches I’ve explored while traveling to Crete, this one marked my memory forever; Seitan Limania! That’s why I decided to write this page and here are the reasons why!

Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania (also known as Seitan Limani ) is a remote beach located at the northeast part оf the Akrotiri Peninsula, in proximity to the magnificent city of Chania. In fact it is not a beach like the ones we’re used to; it is a narrow canal locked between high sea cliffs with white sands and pebbles and of course with transparent vivid blue waters. Sounds like a paradise right? Just have a look at the picture below!

All these, along with its isolation from crowded areas, make it a quite extraordinary place which wаs known only to locals a decаde ago! The reason that it was only popular to the locals is the fact that the road that gets you to the beach has been only recently constructed. So if while driving there you encounter with cows or goats, just ignore that fact, you’re perfectly fine and on the right way!

While visiting, keep in mind that at and around the beach you will find no amenities, which means you will have to carry your water, snacks or anything else you might need! There are also no sun beds or umbrellas there but the rocks and cliffs do provide some corners of shade. This tiny cove might easily get annoyingly busy so, if possible, try to avoid weekends and any dates at the peak of the tourist season.

Seitan limania beach in Akrotiri
Seitan limania beach in Akrotiri
Seitan limania, Akrotiri, Greece

The name of the beach;

The name consists of two parts; Seitan that actually means "Satan/devil" in Turkish, and Limania that means “ports, harbors” in Greek. In a few words, get ready to explore the “devil’s ports” hidden between the cliffs of Akrotiri!

Important; To get there you need a car– and definitely athletic & stable shoes! You’ll somehow need to trek among the cliffs to reach the absolutely stunning spot, so just don’t make the huge mistake to come on flip-flops! I’m not trying to scare you away, but honestly, the view later on will reward your effort! Believe me!

Well, that's all folks! Another hidden gem for you people! Coming back soon with new ones! Cheers!

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