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Baranda, place where all the magic happens

Are you a great movies and series fan? Do you want to go back in time, let’s say, in the first decades of the 20th century? Would you like to discover the hidden place in the northern part of Serbia, and who knows, maybe even meet some of your favorite actors? All that is possible in the magical place, a small, popular, charming film town called Baranda. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Indeed, Baranda is a very small place, located in the northern Serbia, in the Vojvodina region. With only 4 square km, the area became the most important filming location in the last years, due to its flexibility and chameleon-like features. In the Baranda film studio, located only 30 km from Belgrade, the epic film town has been created, depicting the “Golden Age” of the beginning of the 20th century. Many notable Serbian movies and series have been filmed there, mainly "Montevideo" and "Vratice se Rode". However, did you know that recently most famous, intriguing, controversial and provocative TV show “Senke nad Balkanom” (The Black Sun) directed by renowned Serbian actor and producer, Dragan Bjelogrlic, has been created right in this city of Baranda?

Despite the fact that this masterpiece has been filmed in the several locations around the Balkans such as Belgrade, Banjaluka and Saint Petersburg, Bjelogrlic has shrewdly observed the potential of this hidden spot and reconstructed the best scenes right there. The crucial places for the series such as Jatagan Mala, The Police Department and Kafana “Kod Nisliju” have been created in the heart of Baranda. You would agree the authenticity of the places after watching the show, but in case you haven’t (how could you?), here is a small plot overview.

“Senke nad Balkanom”, a historical fiction full of mystery, written by Stevan Koprivica, depicts the turbulent period of the 1920s and puts Belgrade in the highlight as the intersection of the roads and conflicts of interests from different parts of the world. In a rather controversial political and social environment of the opium trade during the second half of 1928, there is a series of ritual, unexplained murders that are to be resolved by the two police inspectors, played by Dragan Bjelogrlic and Andrija Kuzmanovic.

Along the unexpected plot resolutions a la Game of Thrones, explicit scenes and history told in a different way, the popularity of the show has been enhanced by amazing acting of the most prominent actors in the Balkan such as Zarko Lausevic, Gordan Kicic, Nikola Djuricko, Marija Bergam and many other. The series unravel all the unknown secrets of the rise of Nazism and completely revolutionizes the Balkan film scene. Hidden spot of Baranda clearly helped the show to hit its peak of popularity. I would warmly suggest you to take the opportunity to discover Baranda as it is by far the biggest open air film studio in Serbia.

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Lejla Dizdarevic

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