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Have you heard about Share Square? Have you been in Share Square? These are trending questions nowadays in Belgrade. Why is that so? Belgrade is known as open for new concepts and ideas. They have a bakery for dogs, for heaven's sake! So in this city where every good idea comes into realization, no matter how avant-garde it looks, there is one new type of space that attracted many curious visitors lately. Share square is the first co-working cafe in Serbia that operates on the principle of use per hour. It is open in Savamala in Belgrade, a district known as a center for urban culture.

The visitors don't pay for the coffee, for example, but for time spent here. In their offer, it says that this is the only coffee shop in Serbia that at one price provides unlimited quantities of coffee and soft drinks, snacks, optical internet, in a space of 600 square meters that can be used as an open space for work, co-working, meetings or simply spending time with friends. Moreover, behind the Share Square is the non-profit organization Coordinaide whose mission is to create strong bases for strengthening local communities, by connecting individuals, groups, organizations and companies.

In Share Square, anyone interested can apply to hold or listen to classes. The concept emerged from the reputation of online social platforms, such as YouTube and Udemy, which provide amateurs and hobbyists the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills and earn them. Among other things, users also have four specialized classroom classes, including a large and modern kitchen, an IT room, and a music room. This is like a library for skills and they strongly believe that everyone has something to offer, to be learned from.

This concept derived from a need of socializing in the same time when there is need of learning. The educational process, with all available information, become non-formal, and with that become equal to having fun. Nowadays socializing is combined with knowledge and skills exchange, and exactly this is what Share square is offering. This is a real place for unsettled modern nomads. A perfect place to upgrade yourself while meeting interesting people and having fun!

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Zlata Golaboska

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