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While travelling a country tourists do not take into consideration just sightseeing places. Shopping is one of the most essential part of the travelling experience for many people. Some want to buy gifts and others just enjoy doing shopping. Therefore, shopping facilities are another aspect that determines the traveling destination.

Besides its breathtaking architecture, historical places and beautiful parks, Baku has amazing shopping malls that will make every journey even more entertaining. Moreover, shopping malls are the place for not only shops, but also provide myriad of restaurants and many other entertaining facilities. The most popular shopping malls in Baku are Park Bulvar, 28 Mall, Ganjlik Mall, Metropark Shopping Mall and Port Baku Mall.

Park Bulvar is the most famous among the others, as it is located on the area of Baku Boulevard. It is considered as the first modern shopping mall that was built in Baku. It is a six-storey building that offers 3D cinema, HappyLand – entertaining center for children, bowling hall and restaurants of various cuisines. You can find selling points of the famous brands such as Adidas, Benetton, New Balance, U.S. Polo, Lacoste and many others here.

Another famous shopping mall is 28 Mall, which is located just near the 28 May Metro Station of Baku Subway. It is considered one of the popular places of meeting among the tourists. Compared to other shopping malls, 28 Mall is smaller. However, it contains the same facilities, but in a narrow range.

Ganjlik Mall is considered as the biggest shopping mall in the city. It is located just near the Ganjlik Metro Station of Baku Subway. There is also a direct entrance from the subway to the mall. Ganjlik mall offers wider range of brands for shopping purposes, as well as lots of restaurants and entertaining facilities such as cinema, bowling and playground for children.

Unlike the other shopping malls, Port Baku Mall refers to the premium customers and offers luxury brands and restaurants. However, it is possible to find some brands for middle class as well. What’s more, the location of Port a Baku Mall is considered as one of the luxury sights of the city and it is possible to find the shops of Ferrari, Porsche and many other luxury cars nearby.

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