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Sighnaghi, a city to get married in

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Sighnagi is one of the oldest cities in Georgia.

It is located in Kakheti region. This city has been reconstructed recently and it looks like it did 200 years ago. Nowadays, Sighnaghi is tourist’s favorite place as they can see beautiful old architecture and enjoy the magnificent views of Alazani Valley. However, in the past, it was the strategic city which was defending people from enemies. Around Sighnaghi there was a huge wall with several entrances and 28 castles. During invasions, all people were entering the city and they were closing inside.

One of the most famous Georgian painters, Nikala Pirosmani was from Sighnaghi. During his life, he was very poor. Pirosmani had only one house and he sold it because of his lover. He was in love with one French actress. With this money, he bought a million roses for this woman. Unfortunately, she left him and Pirosmani died very poorly under one building’s stairs, where he was living during his last years. After painter’s death, they found his paintings and now they are worth several million dollars. Today you can hear this sad love story and see his paintings in Sighnaghi’s National museum.

One curiosity of this city is that the wedding house works 24 hours and many tourists got married in Sighnaghi. There was one funny story about it. When some couples wanted to divorce, it was a big trouble for them as they had to come back to Georgia for this. Eventually, Georgian government solved this problem and now they can divorce online. Sighnagi is a very lovely city and thanks to its stories, everybody calls it the city of love.

You will not regret if you decide to visit Sighaghi for a photo shooting, romantic weekend or perhaps to get married. As a bonus, you can relax there with wine spa which is suggested by some hotels.

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Kakheti, Georgia
Sighnagi Museum
Sighnagi Museum
Sighnaghi, Georgia

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