Sintra, a Portuguese fairytale

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Only 40minutes away from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, Sintra is a place worth visiting while traveling in Portugal.

Sintra, Portugal

A few years ago I had the chance to explore Sintra and its breathtaking landscapes & beaches, while attending my Erasmus best friend’s wedding in this absolutely and insanely romantic city. When I received the invitation I had no idea where this place was located; however, after a quick google search and after checking the first pictures of Sintra’s palaces…well, I gotta admit that I instantly felt lucky for being invited, and of course, I started counting the days for this fairytale-like wedding! (indeed it was awesome!)

Sintra is a pleasant portuguese city offering a variety of sightseeing attractions which specifically range from ancient castles to sumptuous palaces.

Sintra is a fascinating destination, offering a variety of historic monuments, beautiful natural scenery and endless amounts of Portuguese charm. The town is rightfully the most popular day trip from Lisbon, and a visit to Sintra is highly recommended for visitors who have more than three days within Lisbon.

The city literally looks like it came out of a fairytale! Impressive castles, (where I personally imagined Cindirella living), vast greenery, cobbled-path narrow streets, and of course amazing views.

A popular one-day route that I’d suggest, includes the Palácio Nacional, the historic city centre, the Castelo dos Mouros and of course, the Palácio da Pena, which will actually be the highlight of your Sintra visit.

The concentration of these former regal estates and their fanciful gardens has turned this UNESCO World Heritage site into a popular destination.

The Pena Palace, which I can confess that impressed me more than everything at that moment, is a delightful combination of different design styles and influences, which range from North African to medieval gothic. The interior is as equally interesting as it has been restored to how it would have looked in 1910. The forests that surround the palace continue the Romanticism ideals with hidden pathways, ornate features and great view points.

The city can be reached easily by public transportation, such as buses or trains which are actually can be found on a daily basis and quite frequently. The starting point is usually the city centre of Lisbon.

Friendly advice; Prefer visiting Sintra during the week, and if possible try avoiding the weekends, since it usually gets too crowded and you’ll probably get forced to queue in huge lines to get your ticket.


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