Skateboarding at Fondo Plaza Barcelona

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This place has metal on the ledges which makes them more relaxed to grind. They have marble banks. All obstacles are made of stone and metal. They have handrails here too. One tiny rail next to stair number one. One taller rail next to stair number two. They have one plank rail which is flat too. Go skate at Fondo plaza Barcelona for becoming a little bit better than you usually are. Because this place is way smoother than usual spots. Therefore, you become better when you are here.

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This is for street skaters

This place is for street skaters. Bowl skaters will find it mildly amusing to jump on the banks, while the street skater will really feel at home here because they have all you need here. There are some DIY mini quarterpipes here also, they even put a coping on it. It operates very well for the flow of the spot.

How it was vs how it is

Fondo plaza was a very big thing before. It isn't as popular as it used to be. It is a bit far and they have reconstructed the place. There was a big marble bank next to the stair. This is taken away now. They added the rails next to the stairs instead.

The obstacles

The dilemma with this place are that the first stair has a little bit of a crack before it. Nollie and fakie tricks can be an issue if you have very small wheels. It’s just that. This place is amazing, that’s also why so many incredible tricks have been done here. For example Torey Pudwill. He did a nollie flip bs tailslide to bs 270 kickflip out.

A general rule for finding good places

When a spot has incredible tricks done at it, it means it is a reliable place to skate. That’s why skaters travel so much these days. For example, they travel to China to skate the modern city objects that the Asians thought of. Most other people go to Barcelona instead and then visit Fondo plaza.

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