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Skiing on a budget at Blidinje Nature Park

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Ski resorts of Bosnia & Herzegovina are definitely a top-notch discovery for many European winter sports lovers. Emerging as the N°1 alternative to mass winter destinations, this country is for sure the best-kept winter secret in Europe. Whether you opt for the Olympic destinations such as Mt Jahorina, Bjelašnica & Igman, or perhaps more remote resorts on Mt Vlašić and Mt Kupres, you will immerse yourself in a true snowy wonderland, plus budget-friendly & with no crowds. However, if you are looking for the best insider’s secret with the most spectacular skiing on a budget, you should discover ski resort Risovac at the Blidinje Nature Park.

Surreal natural beauty

At merely two hours’ drive from the Adriatic Sea, in the hearth of Herzegovina, nature has created a unique mountainous pearl Blidinje, where one can relax both the body and the soul. The Blidinje Nature Park is located on a large area of three mountain chains Čvrsnica and Vran. Both mountains giants (above 2,000m of altitude) of surreal natural beauty attract and impress every visitor. They are wild and powerful, loaded with history, and mirrored at the stunning Blidinje Lake that is nestled between the two. When there, your breath will be taken away.

History & nature intertwined

Within the Blidinje Nature Park, at the altitude of 1250 m, one can find ski resort Risovac. Covering the area of 30,000 m2, this resort has blue, red and green ski slopes. Whether you choose skiing, snowboarding, sledging, etc., an extraordinary winter idyll is awaiting you. Not only that you will indulge in true adrenaline pleasures, but you will also have a chance to explore rich archaeological sites – a necropolis with 150 tombstones, dating back to the medieval age. In Blidinje history and nature are intertwined in a perfect harmony.

A gastronomic paradise

Renowned for its traditional cuisine, this ski resort is a true gastronomic paradise, which will perfectly complement your sports activities. An insider’s tip would be to try boiled lamb from the local meadows and a selection of local cheeses, accompanied by top-notch regional wines. However, please make sure that you also try local pine brandy, made of Rakia and the fruits of endemic white-bark pine (Bosnia & Herzegovina is the largest habitat of it in Europe).

Spectacular highlands

It is impossible to resist falling in love with spectacular highlands of Blidinje Nature Park. It’s breath-stealing landscapes and impressive history will leave you speechless & pleased. Besides that, ski resort Risovac is also a magical off-the-beaten-track location for winter adventures. Now is the right time to add skiing on a budget at amazing Blidinje on your bucket list.

Blidinje Ski Centre
Blidinje Ski Centre
Blidinje Lake, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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