Skopje City Park

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While the green areas in Skopje are shrinking, one spot remains as a light in a tunnel. The City Park in Skopje. This green area starts where the Skopje zoo ends. It goes on while following the Vardar river, down near the Government building.

Wikipedia says that the city itself comprises several parks and gardens amounting to 4,361 hectares. I am not sure when this number was checked, but the information that the City Park or Gradski Park was built by the Ottoman Turks at the beginning of the 20th century is not needed to be checked. Here you can find the monument of “Shmizla” (it is characteristic type of human for Skopje, like Chashitka is for Ohrid), and it’s a typical Skopje girl who’s very dedicated to fashion and brands.

Ten years ago, when drinking alcohol on public spaces was allowed, City Park was a very vivid place for nightlife. Young people were gathering here, and on several spots you could find groups drinking wine or beer. Some of them was playing guitar and singing, and some of them was just discussing general things.

To use the City Park during night is not such a fun idea after the alcohol regulations. Nowadays, the park is visited by people mostly during the days. A sunny day in the park is most often a pleasure for the people here. Beautiful gatherings, walks and picnics are happening here. Skaters also have their own place here. By the Vardar river, several iconic restaurants are placed, so, the people that don't enjoy having lunch on the grass can have a wonderful experience on the tables. The picnic lovers are on the right place. Even if you’re not prepared, you can order pizza and have it here on the grass.

The most interesting story related to this green heaven is how the paths for pedestrians were made. The designer decided to wait for the first snow to lay down and waited for the people to step on it. He marked the lines where people were stepping most frequently and voila! He got a very naturally democratic solution going on where the paths should be placed.

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Zlata Golaboska

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