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Søren Kierkegaard's Copenhagen

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A humble attempt to present how Søren Kierkegaard would in a modern view, look at the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Fun fact: ​This article is written like a pseudonym. Just like Kierkegaard liked to do.


This is the representation of the craziness of the bourgeoisie. They come here with their money to buy things they think have a high status. The whole street filled with clothing shops and jewelry and silver that you absolutely don’t need. I usually go on top of a building. Then I can look down at people and laugh at them and their absurdity. That sounded kind of harsh. But I'm sure Nietzsche would agree. Nietzsche is going to love me when he gets born. Not to say that I believe in love.

Kronborg Castle

I don't say that you have to go here. This place really appeals to me personally. I enjoy Shakespeare a lot. That's why I like it. For example, Hamlet. It's a fabulous play. However, it's not for everyone. To put it another way; I would not want you to be Christian just because I happen to be Christian. You must find your own way. It's just that people are different and some people are more suitable to hell. If you want, read about Scottish castles too!.

Tivoli gardens

I don't like the Tivoli Gardens fun park. It's not my authentic style. It's full of so many laughing people who delude themselves. I'm more of a sit in a corner and not smile kind-of-guy.

The little mermaid statue

The Little Mermaid is very mainstream. What all those tourists see is not the real point of the statue. She's a lost soul who doesn't feel like she belongs in the water even though her biology says she is best suited to the water. Why doesn't anybody understand that?

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