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Spain, the country of fiestas and festivals!

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Travel Tips For Madrid

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Having already suggested a few things and places that shouldn’t be missed while in Madrid, I guess it’s now time to discuss the famous Spanish fiestas and celebrations that impressively take place all over the country!

Yes, I agree, Madrid is the capital and I’m kinda obsessed with it since I live here…but Spain is the country of fiestas and festivals, so there are multiple places that are definitely worth visiting! There are numerous Spanish festivals held throughout the whole year, so there're plenty of reasons to search out for a local festival in Spain. Many festivals in Spain are specific to certain towns and regions, offering a huge variety in local specialties, trades, and cultural quirks. The biggest festivals of international fame are the bull running of Pamplona, the fireworks of Las Fallas in Valencia, and la Semana Santa in Andalucia. Bullfighting, flamenco, traditional choirs, paellas, and wine are the basic constituents of those celebrations!

Check them out in detail in the page below!

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