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Spectacular highlands of Blidinje Nature Park

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At merely two hours drive from the Adriatic Sea, in the hearth of Herzegovina, the nature has created a unique mountain pearl Blidinje, where one can relax both the body and the soul. Whether it be a desire for hiking, biking, walking or skiing, any nature lover will fall in love with breath-taking landscapes.

The Blidinje Nature Park is located on a large area of three mountain chains Čvrsnica, Čabulja and Vran. This park is a unique natural phenomenon, that includes many endemic species of flora and fauna with a lot of sources of clean, drinkable water. It is known as one of the largest habitats of endemic white-bark pine (Pinus leuco dermis).

This Nature Park was named after Blidinje Lake, located at the bottom of the place called Dugo Polje at a height of 1184 meters above sea level. The lake is a direct result of a glacial retreat, spread on six square kilometres with a relatively shallow depth. This runway for ice, water and debris did not, however, prevent a wide range of life forms from prospering here. Three types of wild thyme and dozens of wild flowers cover the valley and mountain sides in the spring and summer.

The most famous landmarks of this special park are rich archaeological sites, particularly a necropolis with 150 tombstones - stećci in Dugo polje. Dating back to the medieval age, these tombstones have been designated as national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If are visiting this region in winter, you can enjoy skiing in the modern ski center, located on the altitude of 1800 m at the foot of the mountains Vran and Čvrsnica. This is a favourite ski destination for the visitors from Herzegovina and Dalmatia.

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