© Photo cover by Jennifer Stahn
© Photo cover by Jennifer Stahn

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Spirit Berlin: A Guide to Yoga, Chakra Healing and Ecstatic Dance.

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Travel Tips For Berlin

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Many times in life we may feel lost or estranged to the simplest of things. Traveling then becomes a form of therapy, a healing journey. We go away for a little while to explore new horizons, open our heart, free our mind. Spirituality starts from within, and external activities can help us find some peace and grounding. If you are in Berlin for a short or longer period, follow this guide to yoga, meditation, crystal chakra healing and ecstatic dance sessions. This article is part of my series on Spirituality in Europe.

Unlimited Yoga in Berlin

Berlin is full of Yoga possibilities and Yoga enthusiasts. Yoga classes can be found everywhere: at someone’s home, in the back of cafés, behind dance floors, in community centres and of course yoga studios. You can follow the Berlin Yoga Community on social media where many yoga teachers share information about their classes. Those courses are perfect for a drop-in yoga class, matching your favourite yoga-style, availability, location and level.

New Deli Yoga is one of those typical Berlin places; an hybrid between café, restaurant and yoga studio. I like them for their central location in Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain and their tasty vegan and vegetarian menu full of Ayurveda-friendly items. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga, a five-thousand year old Indian herbal medicine. Yogis believe one can cure all diseases (or at least prevent most of them) with an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. Beyond good food, New Deli Yoga offers multi-lingual yoga classes in their small studio, and some Eats and Beats nights.

Jivamukti Yoga has two yoga studios in Berlin. One in Kreuzberg and one in Rummelsburg. Jivamukti Yoga Berlin comes highly recommended by dedicated yogis for its countless yoga classes and more spiritual side of Yoga. A typical Open class incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga: shastra (scripture) bhakti (devotion) ahimsa (kindness) nada (music) dhyana (meditation). The studio is indeed one of the biggest I have seen in Berlin and their discovery pass to one month of unlimited classes is the best deal around for daily practice.

Other notable Yoga Studios with full day classes are Berlin Yoga Sky and Dharma Yoga Berlin. The most important is to follow your heart and go with a class, teacher and style that suits you.

© Photo credit by Stefanie Eisenschenk

Chakra Healing Evenings

At Cosmic Heart Alchemy, Ewelina waves the sounds of Alchemy Crystal Signing Bowls made with the purest crystals and gemstones for vibrational healing and reconnection with the Cosmic Self. She opened the first Alchemy Crystal Temple in Berlin where you can also purchase the bowl. A crystal chakra healing session leaves you feeling grounded, relaxed and somewhat more connected. Each session (or class) combines a mixture of sounds, color and movements to heal a chakra. Including aromatherapy, inspiring quotes and guidance, yin yoga, sound bath and relaxation. Some special sessions are also organised for Full Moon.

© Photo credit by Susanne Johansson for Cosmic Heart Alchemy

Freedom Dancing at Ecstatic Dance Berlin

Ecstatic Dance Berlin could be the city’s most exciting dance floor! Inspired by the ecstatic dance sessions on hippie beaches like Arambol in Goa, India and Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand. A free space, shoe less and smoke free, to explore movement and dance freely. Each ecstatic dance session starts with a movement workshop to loosen up and let go: contact improv, yoga, biodanza, open floor, african dance, etc. Follows a 100 minute dance wave with fine music played by innovative DJs or musicians. There are no steps, structures or rhythms to follow. Music is the teacher (yes, and everyone is sober). All is allowed at Ecstatic Dance!

Every Thursday and some Sundays. Check their website for the calendar and locations.

Osho Meditations

I possibly couldn't write a guide to finding spirituality in Berlin without mentioning the notable Osho Studio. Osho Studio Berlin offers a daily practice of Osho meditations, yoga, pilates, dance, bioenergetics and breathwork. But also lectures and monthly retreats (like mystic rose, etc)

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