Spirit Youth Week - Free your mind!

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Free your mind with us!

The Spirit Youth Week is the first opportunity for European youth to discover three spiritual destinations where you can free your mind from the stress and routine of daily life.

Visit Montserrat (Catalonia), South Limburg (Province of Limburg) and Prato (Tuscany) to experience their spiritual activities, such as bare foot forests, mountain walks and historical pilgrimage routes. Escape from daily tension and demands, and place your body into a calm and tranquil state with our itineraries!

Whether you are a passionate lover of heritage or nature, the Spirit Youth week is a moment to listen to hidden stories that only trees and stones can tell . It is while you connect to places and their people that you connect better to yourself, eliciting values, feelings and the necessary energy to pursue your daily race to success.

Come to discover spiritual Europe and celebrate yourself, either alone, with friends or relatives. You choose how to free your mind! .

Choose your way to Free your mind

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Spirit Youth


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